Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wife Material vs. Husband Material

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I like to say "there are too many Claire Huxtables and not enough men who deserve them" - indiaSheana

This thought came about as I constantly noticed all types of men commenting on women like Claire Huxtable (a fictional character) and Michelle Obama (the first lady). Most of these men were average men, nothing exceptional. Almost every time the topic of one of these women came up men would imply that they would never marry a woman unless she's equivalent or better than a woman of this nature. That's fine, but my question to these men is "what are YOU bringing to the table?".

Generally speaking, is it logical for a cheating, disrespectful, unattractive, uneducated, non-driven man to want the opposite traits in a woman? Why should women have to be a perfect 10, walk the moon, own 1,000 businesses, be rich, have perfect credit, be a chief, be a maid, be a doctor, be a lawyer, be a counselor, save a burning bus full of kids, just to score a date with some jobless man who lives with his mother? There's nothing wrong with wanting your mate to be exceptional. I think the problem starts in the way women think.

Women often times settle for a less deserving man.

Both women and men know this, that's why it's a standard to see an exceptional woman with a standard man.

This purpose of this post is to encourage women to have standards and know your worth. Never settle for anything less than what you're bringing to the table. Men, be realistic and stop wanting to marry Beyonce.

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