Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weird Dreams

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I had a dream about . . .

. . . A pregnant male, my sister going blind, me being a superhero, me having twins, me having triplets, me being in a Tyler Perry movie, someone letting a random dog in my house, someone breaking into my house and me killing them, me winning the lottery, me winning a large amount of money from my art, a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, babies attacking me, me being on a Food Network show to taste all of the food, me being the host on that Food Network show with the guy who has the blonde hair, me being a professional football player, Theo Huxtable, The Simpson Sisters having their own show, Malik Wright from "The Game" being gay (the character, not actor), me driving through a construction zone, me speeding through a residential area, me meeting the man from "Being Mary Jane" (the one cheating on his wife), and the list goes on.

I love being me, it's fun!

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