Thursday, January 8, 2015

That Awful "Gut Feeling", Trust It

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Lately I've been getting gut feelings about almost everything and my gut has always been right. At first I thought it was just a coincidence, but wanted to look further into why we get gut feelings and if we should really trust our natural instincts.

Let's make it interesting and talk about men and relationships. Although having gut feelings go beyond relationships I want to focus on women and why we tend to settle on the men we choose. Women, do you ever fall for a man and at the same time get a gut feeling that maybe he just isn't the one for you? A lot of the time we ignore our gut feelings and hope for the best. I would encourage you not to ignore your gut instinct. Instead, embrace your gut, go with it. You'll be surprised with the ability of your gut.

It just so happens there's a scientific explanation to that gut feeling we all get. There's a connection between our consciousness and physical body. The gut is actually it's own individual nervous system. That "gut feeling" is in every cell of our body making decisions. The cells in our body has strong memory and that helps when it comes to decision making. Our gut makes the same chemicals our brains make when the brain thinks. Our minds and bodies formulate conclusions based on prior incidents and similar circumstances under those incidents. So the gut feeling we typically get is very powerful and should be trusted more.

Here's where it gets interesting! Our gut and the nervous system in our gut doesn't have the ability to doubt itself. To sum things up, whatever decisions the cells in your body (your gut) is making is the right decisions for YOU without a doubt.

The gut doesn't lie! Remember, gut feelings aren't always associated with negative feelings. Most of the time gut feelings are great and encourages one to step outside of the box and take a risk. Next time just go with your gut.

Thank me and your gut later. We like steak!

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