Sunday, April 17, 2016

Bitter Men and Child Support

Relax, men aren't bitter. They just act like it when it comes to paying child support.

A lot of men complain about paying child support. I often hear the famous line "I pay child support, but the woman isn't spending that money on the kids". I also hear "women should have to document how they're spending child support money". This is where we have an issue.

The whole concept of women not spending money from child support earnings on their children is not a logical. If that woman is providing a healthy home and good lifestyle for that child the question "where is the money going?" really isn't a question. More than likely the household bills in order to keep the house functioning properly is more than any child support check will ever be (in normal cases). Think about this for a second. Housing is being provided (mortgage), heat & air conditioning is being provided (gas bill/electric bill), water is being provided (utilities), electricity is being provided, transportation is being provided (gas/mileage), these are ALL necessities and that's just to list a few. Not to mention, hospital/doctor's visits, daycare expenses and food are other items that can get very costly when raising a child. Still don't know where that precious money is going?

If the basics are being taken care of, no man should ever have to question where their child support check is going towards. We're all adults, we can easily do the math. Some child support checks aren't even enough to cover half of a mortgage. Let's try to break this down a little better because women have to document where the money is going, right?

Children have to take baths every night. In order to qualify to continue to get child support checks you must measure the amount of water being used in their baths and while brushing your child's teeth. Do you cook for your child? Okay, measure the amount of electricity being used from the meals you prepare. Oh, your child uses light to do their homework? You have to measure the amount of light being used. Your child is not freezing during winter storms? Well, how much heat/gas is being used? No, you're not done documenting everything. Your child uses the bathroom. How many times do they flush the toilet? Why? Because every month you pay for water and sewer. Keeping up with this stuff is easy, right? Wrong! How silly does this sound?

This sounds as silly as a man complaining about paying child support. Listen. Child care and support goes beyond cute outfits and toys. So when you see a woman at a nail salon treating herself stop assuming she's not taking care of her children and stop assuming she's blowing your precious child support dollars.

On the flip side, if your child and the custodial parent are homeless... Well? (shrugs and logs off)

India S.

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